Important Information on ‘Heartbleed’ Internet Threat

April 14, 2014
Our Online Banking Clients Are Not at Risk for ‘Heartbleed’ Internet Threat
Heartbleed, an Internet security defect, has the potential to compromise personal information and passwords for millions of computer and gadget users worldwide. Heartbleed was introduced by a programming mistake in a version of OpenSSL, a library used by many web sites. This vulnerability potentially compromises these sites, allowing someone to get access to encrypted Internet traffic and capture the names and passwords of individuals using those sites.   

At AmericanWest Bank, we do not use OpenSSL for, our website, so it is not at risk from Heartbleed. For all other technology touch points and vendors partnerships, we’ve tested and addressed the issue.
What can you do?  For even greater peace of mind that you are doing all you can to protect your personal information now and always, we recommend proactively changing your online banking password at least every six months. When you do, it’s important to choose a strong password that can stand up to hackers and malicious software. Experts recommend using at least 12 characters, selected at random from all the numbers, letters and symbols on the keyboard. Learn more about strong passwords.

Important Note: experts warn consumers should not immediately reset all personal passwords as a result of Heartbleed. Instead, do so only after a provider who uses Open SSL has installed the patch. 

What you can count on from us. At AmericanWest, our top priority is protecting your personal information. That’s why we continually monitor all computer and web threats as well as make significant investments in prevention and detection. Rest assured, we remain committed to keeping you informed if a concern is identified now or at any time in the future.  

To learn more about Heartbleed, we recommend reading Avoiding Heartbleed Hype, What To Do To Stay Safe on

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