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ACH Origination Services

Enjoy the convenient ACH origination services available to your business, including: 
  • Create online templates, or upload existing files such as payroll, accounts payable or receivables with compatible formats for processing.
  • Transmit ACH transaction files to AmericanWest Bank for next business-day credit to employee accounts.
  • Map non-NACHA formats into our ACH system (we provide assistance at no charge).
  • Supports dual control protocols for the creation and import of ACH files.
  • Grant rights to ACH sub-users to either submit or approve ACH files.
  • Gain an additional layer of online information security through multi-factor authentication for ACH origination.
  • Access detailed ACH reporting and confirmations for up to one year.
  • Assign sub-users specific access levels and monitor all activity anytime.
ACH Origination available on approved credit.

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