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    Analyzed Business Checking

    Make your money work harder utilizing this analyzed account. Based on your average collected balance, you’ll receive a competitive earnings credit rate to offset service charges. This account is an excellent complement to our Treasury Management Services.
    • Minimum opening deposit is just $100.
    • Analyzed account with low monthly maintenance fee and earned credit on the average positive collected balances (or allow for aggregation of balances).
    • Great choice for transaction volumes exceeding a combined total of 400 debit, credit and/or deposited items a month.
    • Assists in accurate forecasting and control of account fees.
    • Detailed monthly statement provides a composite roll-up of service charges for one or more accounts and shows balances necessary to offset each fee.
    • Intro pack with a new account, including deposit tickets and endorsement stamp.
  • "Zero-Balance

    Zero-Balance Accounts

    Heighten your ability to effectively manage cash flow by linking multiple checking accounts and automatically concentrating excess funds into a single lead account.
    • Pair with an automated sweep to optimize daily cash flow, maximize investments and/or pay down short-term borrowings.
    • Use as a risk management tool to minimize complications if an account is compromised.
  • "CheckImage"


    Streamline your monthly reconciliation while increasing the security of your financial data by receiving monthly statements and corresponding cancelled check images on a single computer disk.
    • View high-quality images of cancelled checks in a searchable, sortable database.
    • Receive information for multiple accounts on one monthly disk.
    • Research is fast and easy.
    • Simplify your long-term storage requirements and enhance the security of your financial data.


  • "Online

    Online Treasury Management

    Our Online Treasury Management is so much more than online banking. This robust online platform allows you to quickly and easily manage your cash flow for maximum efficiency and liquidity. You can manage multiple entities from a single sign-on for the ultimate in flexibility and time-savings. Plus, it doesn’t tie you down—access your accounts from your home or work computer, 24/7.
    Of course you can balance your accounts, verify transactions, transfer funds and download history—and that’s just the beginning. Our Online Treasury Management also provides tools such as sub-user maintenance and controls, security tokens, Online Wire Origination, Positive Pay, and ACH origination.
    If you’re not familiar with these tools already, please talk to us about your goals and challenges and we’ll assist you in choosing what will work best for you. Here’s a glimpse of what’s possible with our Online Treasury Management:
    • View and export historical account information directly to money management platforms or spreadsheet format for ease of account reconciliation.
    • View images of cleared checks and deposit tickets.
    • Initiate stop payment orders.
    • Initiate account transfers between multiple accounts and entities.
    • Create and manage additional users while maintaining full administrative controls.
    • Access electronic statements for transactional and analyzed statements.
    • Online Wire Origination.
    • Positive Pay.
    • Conveniently access 12 months of user activity through customizable reporting.
    • Assign sub-users specific access levels and monitor all activity anytime.
  • "Wire

    Wire Transfers*

    There’s no need to go to a branch to originate Wire Transfers. With our service you can do everything online right from your office, including:
    • Originate one-time or repetitive wires.
    • Create templates for recurring wires.
    • Originate domestic or international wires.
    • Establish multiple e-mail addresses for incoming or outgoing wire notification receipt as wire transfers affect your account.
    • Create separation of duties with dual control wire origination and wire approval processes.
    • Receive discounted wire origination fees for both domestic and international wires.
    • Gain an additional level of online information security through multi-factor authentication for online Wire Origination.
    *Wire Transfer services available on approved credit.
  • "ACH

    ACH Origination*

    With our Automated Clearing House (ACH) service you can send bank-to-bank credit or debit ACH transactions, pay participating employees via direct deposit, electronically debit client accounts and many other options, including:
    • Create and store online templates for convenient processing of ACH batches such as payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, or federal tax payments.
    • Upload accounting software produced ACH files for quick processing. Standard or alternately formatted files upload seamlessly with one-time file mapping provided by our team or Treasury Management experts.
    • Process online template of ACH transaction files to AmericanWest Bank for next business-day credit to employee accounts.
    • Segregate responsibilities among multiple users in both online template or upload file creation and processing.
    • Conveniently access stored ACH processed detail for twelve months.
    • Gain an additional layer of online information security through multi-factor authentication for ACH origination.
    • Access detailed ACH reporting and confirmations for up to one year.
    *ACH Origination available on approved credit.
  • "Positive

    Positive Pay

    Reduce the risk of check fraud with Positive Pay. This service assists your organization in efficiently and accurately detecting fraudulent items presented against your accounts. You can reduce your exposure to liability and benefit from the resulting time and cost savings.
    With Positive Pay, we validate checks presented for payment on your account against a check record you provide BEFORE an item is processed for payment. If an item does not match, it is flagged as an exception, and referred back to you for a payment decision prior to posting to the account, thereby giving you these additional benefits:
    • Minimize or eliminate check fraud to prevent losses.
    • Provide easier management of Voids and Stop-Payments.
    • Simplify month-end checking account reconciliation.
    Want to see more? Just ask. We’re ready to provide you with a demonstration of all our Online Cash Management solutions.


  • "Remote

    Remote Deposit Capture

    Our Remote Deposit Capture service employs leading-edge technology to provide you a fast, secure way to make check deposits directly from your office using a desktop computer, check scanner and secure Internet connection. With Remote Deposit Capture, you get these great advantages:
    • Download the full Remote Deposit Complete User Guide.
    • Deposit checks into multiple accounts from multiple locations.
    • Improve funds availability by eliminating desktop float.
    • Increase safety and lower costs by eliminating the need for employees to make trips to the bank.
    • Review customizable, automatically-generated reports and CSV file export options.
    • Access long-term image archives of your deposited checks.
    • Choose the type of scanner to rent, single or multi-feed, based on what works best for you-all you need is an internet connection.
    • Maintenance free—no need to purchase, install or maintain software.
    • Combine with Zero-Balance Accounts and/or Investment Sweep to create a complete cash concentration of monies while providing your business an optimal usage of your available funds.


  • "Line

    Line of Credit Sweep

    Fully automate the connection between your line of credit and operating account with our specialized Line of Credit Sweep. It comes with these features:
    • Protect your business account from overdrafts.
    • Collected balances exceeding your target balance are automatically swept to pay down your line of credit reducing your monthly interest expense.
    • Provides the greatest amount of flexibility, allowing you to leverage your available funds for day-to-day operating expenses.
  • "Currency

    Currency Services

    You can spend more time focusing on business when you allow us to manage your cash. Through a strategic partnership, we provide integrated cash management solutions for retail and commercial establishments that routinely handle cash. Our Currency Services include:
    • Armored car service pick-up of coin/currency deposits and delivery of change orders.
    • Secure and timely processing of cash or mixed deposits.
    • Internet-based change order system.
    • Daily reporting of all deposit and change order processing.

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